A new dimension of efficacy

The outstanding efficacy of Long4Lashes serum was confirmed by application testing, which proved that you can enjoy the first effects of naturally strengthened lashes after only 21 days of using the serum.

Our products, based on the latest scientific advances, are created using advanced technologies, the highest production management standards and a strict quality control process. This enables us to manufacture not only cosmetics but also medical devices within our plant.

Long4Lashes serum is a product that has long been immensely popular among our consumers. Sales of the serum have been constantly growing thanks to word of mouth on domestic and international cosmetic forums. 


Our products undergo a strict testing process controlled by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

The effects and application of the product are precisely described to ensure optimum effect and satisfaction with our products.

We quickly and reliably respond to all questions and concerns regarding the application, the ingredients and the effects of our products.