Makeup blender
Blender precision

Makeup blender


Check how natural and simple your everyday makeup can become! The bevelled tip allows for precise application of foundation around the eyes and wings of the nose, whereas the lower part is just perfect for applying the product to larger parts of the face. The microporous surface retains a minimum amount of water, while maximizing the efficiency of the foundation. Ideally suited to cream, liquid and even loose powder fluids. It is also perfect for wet contouring. Does not create stains or streaks. The practical, reusable packaging protects the sponge in the make-up bag.


Wet the sponge with water until it increases in volume. Carefully squeeze out excess water and start application with a stamping movement. Remember to wash the sponge after each use, squeeze out excess water and set aside to dry. During the first few washes, the sponge may lose its color, which is a natural proces and is not subject to complaint.