Your eyes express more from today!

Your eyelashes will become

  • long
  • thick
  • strong
  • dense
  • flexible
  • shiny

Thanks to most advanced achievements of global aesthetic medicine you can now benefit from uniquely effective serum Long4Lashes, that actively stimulates eyelash growth.

Now  there is a safe and effective way to achieve seductive and alluring gaze you always dreamed about. See more.

serum is designed
for you if:

  • You want to have longer eyelashes
  • You want to have dense and strong eyelashes
  • improve their condition
  • You have short and thin eyelashes
  • You lost your natural eyelashes

Can You Believe That False Eylashes Are No Longer In Need?

See how it works..

The secret of the serum is bimatoprost – a state-of-the-art active substance considered to be one of the most effective hair-growth stimulating compounds in cosmetology. Did you know that an average eyelash lives only 3 to 6 months, and then falls out? Moreover, eyelashes grow only in the first 30 days! Bimatoprost acts actively during the entire lifecycle of an eyelash, stimulating its growth and increasing number.

Bimatoprost stimulates hair growth over the whole
lifecycle and positively influences:

  • eyelash length and thickness
  • eyelash quantity
  • eyelash condition and strength
  • eyelash natural color

You need just one brush stroke to cover eyelashes.
One pack is sufficient for the whole treatment.

The serum is equipped with the brush-applicator. Apply the serum with one stroke using the brush-applicator on the clean, dry skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line. Apply every evening.

Do not use inside of the eye and the lower lash line. Serum is very efficient: only one 3 ml package provides approximately six months of daily use, which is the complete treatment.

You can safely use
the product:

  • if you wear contact lenses
  • on extended and thickened eyelashes
  • on permanent make up
  • on henna eyelashes
  • after chemotherapy treatment*

*please consult with your doctor

After 3 weeks you see the difference.
After 6 months you gain a new gaze.

After three weeks of regular use your eyelashes become stronger and more manageable eyelashes. To observe the full effect of eyelash thickening and lengthening, a complete six-month course of treatment must be performed. In order to maintain the effect following the treatment completion, you should apply  serum 3-4 times a week. 

Before and after treatment long4lashes

Select photo to see results

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Not only eyelashes!

You can gain a beautiful frame for your eyes  thanks to another product:
Long4Lashes Eyebrow enhancing serum with special applicator.

Special sponge is especially designed
for product application on eyebrows

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